True Laurels is a media platform dedicated to highlighting Baltimore's most captivating music, visual arts, and the surrounding culture that informs both—all of which is done through a variety of mediums. True Laurels’ print component is a biannual publication which started in 2013 and features artists from the Baltimore and DMV region through diaries, interviews, profiles, and photo essays.

In August of 2018, True Laurels launched a weekly show on Red Bull Radio which intertwines music from Baltimore and The DMV with music being made throughout the African diaspora in an attempt to present the narratives of these artists as different branches of the same tree, all trying to affirm their identities through sound. The show is broken up into two parts—sharing music and having a weekly guest on to talk about their artistic journeys.

Along with these components, on Instagram, True Laurels also serves as a digital space for people to absorb archival footage of Black Baltimore’s past, especially in areas related to the arts.

Editor & Founder: Lawrence Burney (



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