Pick 'Em Up: James Nasty, HI$TO & Debonair Samir

What up, y'all!  It's Stoop Girl here bringing ya the dopest club music I can find on The World Wide Internet.  I usually try to keep it really weird and favor artists who thrive in the dark corners of the mainstream, but this week I wanted to show some love to our locals here in Baltimore.  Very underrated at times, Baltimore producers are still fighting tooth-and-nail to put our city on the map.  But having been all over the place and back again, these guys you'll hear below have a worldwide perspective on club music.  They've really got a lot to offer for the future of club music and we're lucky to claim them as our neighbors here in Baltimore.

James Nasty - "Good Perereca"

What originally attracted me James Nasty's productions was a very apparent love for old school club music—classic breakbeats, what! what! chants, and lots of booty talk.  But lately, he's really been looking at club music from a worldwide lens - a perspective that club music has desperately needed to launch it out of Baltimore and into the speakers of the rest of the world.

"Good Perereca", released via Enchufada's Upper Cuts project, is everything that's great about global club music: Brazilian percussion, samples of frog croaks, and that familiar club sound to keep it grounded.  It sounds amazingly exotic right from the start—the perfect soundtrack to a hot and sweaty night in the club.  I know y'all are gonna act like some wild animals when this shit gets played in the club.

HI$TO- Where Dat Pussy At?

HI$TO flirts with hip-hop and bass music of all kinds so his approach to club music always feels like a well-rounded and complete composition. This track is some nasty shit and if it weren't for all the bed squeaks, sex moans, and a general future vibe to it, "Where Dat Pussy At" would take me back to the days of old school club music.  And all that shit was hella freaky too.  Let ya freak flag fly with this one.

Debonair Samir - "Drunk"

When was the last time you heard some new sounds coming from Debonair Samir?!  I think the club scene might be ready to hear some new music from the pioneers again.  I really dig Samir's manipulation of the classic Baltimore club horns on "Drunk"; they sound a bit warped and when I really think about it, that's probably what it sounds like when you're drunk and wildin' out in the club.  Do ya thang.  Anyway, I'm more excited to see what Samir's up to in the lab in 2015 and we'll all find out in March when his Whatever EP drops.