Pick 'Em Up: Kingdom, Vjuan Allure & Diamond Kuts

Kelela - "Enemy" (Kingdom's Destruction Before Paradise Mix):

It's really impossible to make Kelela's voice not sound like it came straight from the heavens above. Otherworldly Fade to Mind add just the right touch of future to her 90s R&B influences. "Enemy", originally produced by Nguzuguzu, sees a brand new treatment from fellow Fade to Mind creator and cohort, Kingdom.  Kelela's voice sounds as soulful as ever while Kingdom builds a future club beat so delicate at times that it barely erupts into a full-blown ruckus.  While you can hear the occasional pounding bass, grandiose synths, and a hint of the signature kicks of club music, Kingdom keeps his take on "Enemy" right under the threshold of a big room banger.  That's some real finesse right there.

Vjuan Allure - "Wherkk ft. Purple Crush":

"Wherkk" is the title track from Vjuan Allure's latest EP, which is streaming over on THUMP right now.  Allure is one of the innovators of the classic ballroom sound - house and disco tracks that you hear at vogue parties - and actually created "The Ha Dance" (later dubbed as "Allure Ha") which is basically what "Sing Sing" is to Baltimore club.  But on his "Wherkk" EP, Allure demonstrates a vast knowledge of that classic club music sound, especially on the title track here featuring LA's Purple Crush on vocals.  The horns are blowin', the kicks are perfectly energizing, and it sounds brand new and timeless all at the same time.

DJ Diamond Kuts - "Keep Your Ass Down":

Philly's DJ Diamond Kuts has a stellar reputation for being versatile behind the decks to deliver sets that are totally free of the binds of particular genres.  However (!!), I know she has an affinity for club music stylings from Jersey to Baltimore.  "Keep Your Ass Down" doesn't seem like a typical club track from the surface, but it has all the right vibes.  It's repetitive and hyper just like a classic Jersey club track but the way she blends in bouncy twerk and the rolling hi-hats of trap makes it perfect for all kinds of dance floors.