Pick 'Em Up: Lakim, Rushmore, Flow Castle & Slow Graffiti

Rushmore - "Moment X" (Victoria Kim's Kowloon Edit)

Last year, The Astral Plane released Heterotopia, a collection of super grimy club tracks only suitable for the darkest of nights.  Heterotopia included a minimal club track with an impressively busy percussion section titled "Moment X" from London-based producer, Rushmore.  On the Heterotopia Remixes Vol. 2 compilation released earlier this month, Sydney-based production duo, Victoria Kim ups the ante with incredible force.  Victoria Kim adds some groovy synths, a dark industrial vibe, and most importantly, a textural club beat driven by a "work work" vocal sample so repetitive that it's pleasantly encouraging.  Victoria Kim's Kowloon Edit is a heater through and through.

Lakim - "Get Out On Your Own"

On the totally opposite end of the spectrum lies Soulection, a record label, traveling dance party, and cohesive musical family that thrives in showcasing only the smoothest of sample-based, R&B-inspired sounds.  To celebrate 200,000 listeners on Soundcloud, Soulection gave away their highly-anticipated ode to Sade, Love Is King, complete with soulful dedications from many of their incredible producers.  Check out LA-based producer, Lakim's take on Sade's "Mr. Wrong" on "Get Out On Your Own".  Lakim used the classic, energetic Baltimore club break as the backbone to his track but somehow still made it sound smooth as butter.  

Flow Castle x Slow Graffiti - "Do"

A few days ago, LA-based collective, Too Lush dropped Too Lush Vol. 3, a hefty, 25-track deep compilation which promises something for everyone.  "Do," a collaboration between Flow Castle and Slow Graffiti, is a future Jersey club track that is just too easy to love.  Pumping bass, spiraling synths, and a Jersey club break builds a track that can easily be rocked with all night long.