Diary: Al Rogers

Photo: Keem Griffey

Photo: Keem Griffey

Days seem longer when you broke but when the money flows time flies, spend a little bit and have fun, right? It's a 50/50 chance with me every single cent goes to my music but when you haven't mastered your craft sometimes even your passion can be frustrating. I remember growing up my brothers had me in this fiend’s house in Essex. I might’ve been 14-15 and although it's just hitting me, they were serving and had me in a crack house--the experience was real. My mother tried keeping me away from trouble as much as possible coming up and all I could think about was a dollar. Sometimes we reflect and learn from those who we love and I can recall looking up to my brothers until I found some sense. Until this day I still have a major respect for them they let me know at a early age life isn't always easy and not to let my mother spoil me and give me a foolish notion. Hell, I just got the message from my homie Lb to give y'all this piece I guess the cop cars outside my window inspired it who knows why or who they're out there for. I talk to my boy Ryan a lot about what moves would be wise to take so that I can prosper, one thing he said that hit home was that I should leave Baltimore as much as possible to share my message. Isn't it so easy to lose faith? And finding hope can be underwhelming but when you know your direction I guess the work you put in will help guide you. These are all tangent thoughts so forgive me if I'm like a bouncing dodge ball in closed quarters; maybe not the eat analogy but fuck it. In the year 2013 I said some things I'd accomplish that I didn't although some things came surprisingly and this year has still been one of the better years since I started this journey. I had a misconception of what fear was but now I truly understand the idea of fear not existing. So failure doesn't get under my skin like it once did I'll get to where I'm going regardless of the time it takes. Hey I found love this year as well it's been a pretty rough couple of months but worth it when someone inspires you to make pretty awesome fucking songs as a musician they're definitely a keeper haha. I'm not the best with this whole love thing. The few times I've tried it’s bit me in the ass. Those playboy days have been numbered before they started. Yo I hate to sound corny but my mama tells me I am all the time so don't mind me, btw mama is what I call my shorty. You know when you close the door on one issue another one always presents itself and the second I lost sight of fear a new problem arises—"anxiety " I'm at odds with that fucking word. It's not about time though, it's about me being anxious to find the right sound for this next project because right now it's good but it's everywhere. I'll get on top of that though before y'all mothafuckers even read this. My mother has had me on some real grind mode shit lately she got me this little part time gig with the MTA so I can continue paying for my music she supports my dream 100% now that's love. Growing up my family called me Baby Al because I am the youngest and well I'm a Jr. That will also be the name of the next project "BABY AL" It got a ring to it right?

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Photos: Lyrical Warfare

 Over the weekend, I hit the Lyrical Warfare rap showcase in Baltimore. The show was tight; a good deal of acts on the bill were people I've never heard of, the crowd was engaged and, mostly, things seemed to be running smoothly. The space was ill and I chopped it with a few artists I'd just learned about that night. Peep the photos I took. Above is Al Rogers and from there: Butch Dawson, Phizzles, Organic Geniuses, Flaco Escobar, Lonnie Moore, Go DDM, Chynna Rogers, Tootie Ro and 83 Cutlass.

True Laurels Zine Release/ KAHLON Photos

If you were at The Crown in Baltimore this past Saturday to celebrate the birth of KAHLON/True Laurels zine launch, THANK YOU. We packed it out and danced all night. Shoutout to everyone that came to the table to buy a zine and chat it up with me. Big ups to Al Rogers, Abdu Ali, TT The Artist, David Revlon, Gurl Crush and Ponyo for giving a crazy show. If you didn't catch me at The Crown, the zine will be available to purchase online very soon and keep checking the site to see online features of those highlighted in the issue. Thanks to Jonathan Hanson and Abdu for the photos. Also peep the cover and Table of Contents for the zine!